Wednesday, January 18, 2012


So today was a snow day for my school, which is pretty rare because 1, we never get snow, and 2, my college doesn't like to close. But lo and behold, we closed down for the day. Of course I got up at 7:30 and walked around in the snow for about an hour taking pictures and getting my hat frozen to my head.

Then I returned to my humble abode that desperately needs vacuuming, and read Divergent. I'd heard some mixed reviews but was pleasantly surprised. It was a thought-provoking novel with some entertaining parts and some sad parts. Overall the tone was very introverted and serious. Very different from the book I read yesterday and the book I started after Divergent.

The former was Princess of Glass by Jessica Day George, and was a re-telling of Cinderella where the little cinder girl was not as perfect as she seemed, and the fairy godmother had some not very nice spells and a bag-full of ulterior motives. Yet the book was relatively light. There were more amusing moments than sad and perhaps this is because in Divergent the characters are "facing their fears" every day to prove they are worthy of initiation into their faction.

Then there is the book I just started. It was probably a mistake to buy, but it was only $2.50 on kindle! This, in retrospect, should have clued me in. The A Circuit follows three girls in competitive jumping, one who has to work for every ride, one the daughter of a rock star, and the other the daughter of a billionaire. It wasn't until I'd already bought the book that I read the bottom line of the description. It mentioned that fans of gossip girl would like it. Sigh. Now I'm compelled to read it, but I'm already starting to not like it and I'm only on page 30! The prose is stunted and obvious.

It's amazing how different these books can be. Contemporary fiction, dystopian, and fantasy, and the tone is so different. Can you say yay? It's these differences that make me love reading.

In other news I worked a bit more on Wings and received the Great Comments Award from Nick Hight, who hosts the blog Writing Fire.

Here's hoping for another snow day tomorrow so I can start reading Anna and the French Kiss!


  1. You're getting lots of reading done! I've just started Anna & the French Kiss, too, coincidentally.

    I really enjoyed Divergent, too. The only thing that bothered me a bit was the equating of fearlessness with recklessness in many instances. It reminded me of the stupid risk-taking games teen boys play to prove themselves. But I loved pretty much everything else about it. :)

  2. You'll have to let me know what you think of Anna!

    That's an interesting point about Divergent. I hadn't really considered it, but recklessness was definitely a factor in that faction. But I suppose Reckless isn't as neat a name for a faction as Dauntless.

  3. Not to mention non-physical forms of bravery wouldn't be as exciting to write/read about. ;) I suppose that's basically what the simulator is, non-physical; wouldn't have quite the same impact as an initiation rite, though.