Monday, January 9, 2012

1 is the loneliest number

This week isn't starting out too good (323 pages of history need to be read by Wednesday- EEP) so I'll just start with some positive stuff.

I started and finished reading Daughters of Rome by Kate Quinn this weekend and would highly recommend it to people who can remember a lot of secondary characters and have a secret (or not so secret) love of horses and of course, Ancient Rome. The setting is The Year of Four Emperors and follows four girls of the Cornelii house as they observe and find their passions (horses, politics, etc.) during the tumult. It has it's slow points but my heart was racing at the climax and I actually came to hate one character so much that I was shaking.

I also read The Poem of the Cid, which is a Spanish epic published in the 18th century during the enlightenment but was written around the 12th century after the reconquista. While I read it I wasn't very impressed, but afterwards I came to realize that is was a very nice basis for a number of stories and was a fantastic representation of "Spain" when the people of Castille and Leon were attempting to take land from the Moors. I might write a re-telling of this story sometime, just for kicks. I think the two daughters of The Cid would have terribly interesting back stories.

Finally, I'm going to start a Weekly Page Count event, where throughout the week, starting on Mondays and going to Sunday, I chronicle how many book pages I read. Last week I read approximately 1115 pages (accumulated through reading The Princess of the Midnight Ball, Clockwork Angel, and Daughters of Rome).

I encourage you all to keep a page count as well! That way you can look back at a week and see how much you read, and go from there.

Happy Monday!

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  1. Hmm, I've heard of word counts for writing totals, but not page totals for book reads. I usually just do number of books read. This could be an interesting new way to track it.