Thursday, December 15, 2011


Well folks, I am back to the blog after Dead Week and the proceeding Finals Week. My word I'm exhausted. Learning and writing a ten page paper comparing the slave societies of Saint Domingue, Brazil, and Virginia inspired some pretty weird dreams, many of which have been written down as possible story ideas.

But anyways, hurrah! I completed my first quarter of college and can now spend the next two and a half weeks of break stuffing my face with homemade food, singing Christmas carols, watching movies, and WRITING :D

Oh it's going to be wonderful. I can flesh out Water Dance and Fire Crackle which has been spinning around in my head over the past two weeks. Maybe (it's unlikely, but maybe) I can have at least 30k by the time I head back to school.

What are you doing for the holidays? Any celebratory landmarks in writing, any Shiny New Ideas?

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  1. Sounds like I'll be doing the same as you! I'm hoping to crank on my latest WIP during the week between Christmas and New Years. Would love to make the 30K mark!

    Except I still have to make it through next Monday when I take my Grad School final...