Monday, December 5, 2011

Coffee, Notifications, and Other Things

To those of you who are either in college, have been to college, or have siblings in college, you will know (and most likely shed a sympathetic tear) what I talking about hereafter. I am in Dead Week. Finals Prep Week, to the lay, but we college students know the truth. Hell week has also been used to designate this awful terrible horrible week.

In the next week I have to: Write a 3 page paper, write a 7 page paper, write a 10 page paper, write another 3 page paper, as well as organize my notes, keep on top of current homework and reading, and study for my big in-class English final in which I shall be writing 4 short paragraph responses and (you guessed it!) another essay.

Now I understand why at many colleges students will open their dorm windows at midnight and scream as loud as they can. For more interesting dead week traditions, look Here.

All of this to say, I may be AWOL on the blog this week because I have to do all this writing and studying and banging my head against the desk wondering why I'm an English major. On the flip side, I might use this blog as a way to procrastinate. Who knows.

So until next time, keep writing, reading, and drinking coffee. I know I will be.

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