Saturday, December 10, 2011

Just Checking In

Hey, everybody! The official Dead Week is over, but now it's personal Dead Weekend at my university. I spent the week writing papers and going to classes, filling out evaluations, and trying desperately not to go nuts with the amount of work I have to do. Now all that's left is one ten page paper due on Wednesday, a three page paper due Monday, my final draft of another paper due Wednesday, and one in-class final to study for.

It's been quiet around here. One of my roommates spent the night with friends, and then today with them. The other roommate is staying with friends too. It's odd, having the place to myself for so long. I celebrated the end of the week by watching large amounts of The Big Bang Theory and not doing homework that I must now do today.

It's so odd to think that my first college quarter is over. In some ways it went by so quickly, and in others it feels like I've been here forever. Weeks themselves fly by, but I feel like it's been much longer than two and a half months since I moved here.

Next quarter is going to go well, I think. Currently I have a half mile walk to class 4 times a week. Next quarter I'll half that distance, which should do wonders for my muscle spasm in my back. Taking it easy like the doctor said is hard to do when you can't afford to miss class. But anyways, I'm taking a class on the Golden Age of Spain, and another about race in relation to power in America, and an entire course on listening to published writers talking about writing. Me = happy.

Hope all of you have had a lovely week, and I'll probably be back by Wednesday!

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  1. An entire course listening to published authors talking about writing? Awesome :D