Friday, November 4, 2011

A Wonderfully Wonderful Finish

Can you hear the angels singing? Do you know why they are? Because it's FRIDAY! It took a long time to get here, but finally it did. It was a hectic week. Lots of papers to write and reading to do. Then doing my pleasure writing and reading.

In the case of writing, I have some exciting news! The new material I have for WIND CHASER is at over 20,000 words. I feel almost mentally drained. Maybe I'll be able to get out another thousand before turning in for the night, but who knows. Have I mentioned how exciting it is to be writing again? And what's even more exciting is that I'm home for the weekend. It's been a few weeks, and I really enjoyed the idea of taking a shower without needing to wear flip flops. So here I am!

On the reading front I've dived into Fire by Kristin Cashore after finishing up Mastiff. I also had to read a few Sherlock Holmes stories for English, which is a-okay with me. I'm also finishing up reading my critique partner's book, which is exciting.

I know I've kinda been babbling about my own life lately instead of literary things, so I have some literary babbling for you tonight for a change.

Endings. I've finished one book. It was the start of a series, so I wanted it to be good. I thought I did a pretty good job, followed the traditional rules. No cliffhanger, but a sense of a story left unresolved. And then I read Mastiff. Now I'm biased because I love Tamora Pierce's work and have loved watching the writing evolve. By the end of that book though, I was amazed. I had cried - not an easy thing - and been uplifted. I was sad the story was over to the point that I was in a grumpy mood for at least an hour.

I want to write an ending like that. One that is emotional not only to the characters, but for the reader. That is what I aspire to in my writing.

What was your favorite ending of a book?


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  1. Wow, Heather! Do you have like 30 hours in a day or something? I'm amazed at how productive you've been. Especially with the NaNo!

    I'm with you: I'd love to write an awesome, beautiful ending to my book/series. They'd be so hard to pull off, though. For one thing, the reader has to be totally emotionally invested in the character for it to work. If you're only so-so on the character, the bang at the end isn't going to be as good, no matter what happens. That's maybe the hardest part to nail. But second, it has to strike the right balance of happy and sad - if it's all happy it'll be good but it won't be awesome, and if it's mostly sad of course that's just depressing.

    My top ten books are all stories where I got so attached to the characters and then the ending was sad and happy and beautiful. My absolute number one of these is Small Gods by Terry Pratchett. Definitely read it, if you haven't. Of course, I cried through like the whole last 40 pages of Harry Potter 7 (especially the Snape scenes). I read it ages ago, but I remember crying at the end of Watership Down. Also Lord of the Rings. And I just finished Robert J Sawyer's WWW series and cried at the end of the last book. I think these were all death scenes, in fact, but beautiful, meaningful ones.

    Charlee, who's commented here before, was moved to tears at the end of Delirium for the ending's beauty and power. But I think I wasn't fully invested in the protagonist, so I wasn't.