Thursday, November 3, 2011

Second Round

Tonight's blog post title refers to two things. First of all, it's the second day of NaNoWriMo, and as promised I'm going to fill you guys in on where I'm at with my writing and word count. I'm pleased to say I'm still going strong in WIND CHASER and am at 10k as of these evening. I would try to make it to 11k, but I have a history paper due tomorrow night and I don't want to break my streak of "A"s (Two now!). It's been fantastic writing this much. Over the summer I blogged about writer's block, and how I spent more time editing GRIFFIN'S SONG - then titled Deceptor, than I did doing any serious writing. Well I'm back in the game folks. How I missed this. Not writing an introduction with body paragraphs and a conclusion. Now I'm writing something with a plot, rather than a thesis.

The second meaning of my post title is that tonight was the second meeting of my publishing class. We have moved on from genre and examining the different types of publishing, to book proposals, synopses, and query letters. Cue the scary music. Luckily I pitched a short summary to WriterHelper, and she liked it. The only suggestion she had was that I clarify this takes place in an alternate world. And then a genre was attributed to my book that I'm not sure why. Steampunk. Now for those of you who know my plot, and to those people who have actually read the novel, does these seem right? It was only mentioned once, but I was wondering if I've been deluding myself in thinking GS is a YA adventure novel.

All in all it was a pretty good night. A bit wet, as there was lots of standing water and rain as I walked back to my room. Lucky me, I had remembered an umbrella, but unfortunately had forgotten to use my rain boots. Oh well, at least my head is dry, even if my feet are not.


  1. Wow, Heather! You're on a roll! I'll be at that word count in... three more days. By which time you'll be at 25,000? ;) So awesome when it flows like that, eh?

    Re: Steampunk... er, no. I don't know how they got that idea. First of all, there's no steam engines anywhere that I noticed. Steampunk I think is generally set in mid- to late 1800s and early 1900s, when steam was the primary source of energy (hence the name of the genre; don't know where the "punk" comes from). Your book is a whole century earlier. I think I'd call it YA historical adventure. Even though it's an alternate history, it's still got that historical flavour.

  2. Okay, then I'm not crazy! I didn't figure GS was a steampunk novel, but just wanted to be sure. What do you think, when it comes to pitching should I say YA alternate historical adventure, or is that too long? :P

    And you'll probably pull ahead of me in NaNo in no time. When I hit a block or get a ton of homework I won't be able to write for days. Which stinks, but what are you gonna do?

  3. How're you phrasing it in your query? If you're saying, "Griffin's song is a [insert genre here], complete at [insert words here]," then I'd suggest something like "YA historical adventure set in an alternate earth" or something like that. But if the way the sentence is phrased means you have to tie the genre into a single set of adjectives-and-noun, I'd maybe say... Hm. No, I really think your best bet is to not try to put it all into a single thing. Just starts to get a little cumbersome, so many words. The way "YA alternate historical adventure" reads makes it sound like it's the history that's different, not the world they're in. A la Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan.

    Well, at least your word count will be well ahead of the curve so when you do hit those blocks, you won't fall so far behind it becomes impossible to catch up. That happened to me last time I did it.

  4. Happy NaNo Day Five!
    Hopefully the initial excitement is still going strong, but if not I've come with a toolbox of inspiration. Ready?

    First, quote of the day: Don't give up what you want most for what you want right now.

    Second, NaNo Tip of the Day: Don't forget to reward yourself. It is often easier to notice our lagging word count numbers than to notice how far we've already come.

    Good luck!!! Just keep writing!!!