Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Little Things

Today was such a lovely day. And I don't mean weather-wise to all you Frank Sinatra fans out there. It was a little like being in the eye of a storm, with everything and everyone whirling around you as if the devil himself were on their heels, while you sit and relax.

For starters, I got almost 12 hours of sleep. It was wonderful. Then I got to laze around until I was fully awake and then took a shower (yay for being clean!). Following that my one class of the day got canceled so I got to do my laundry which had been piling up. Now I can settle in to doing my homework, aka finishing reading As I Lay Dying by Faulkner, writing up some questions about the book, finishing the reading for my history class, and starting the essay that is due on Sunday.

Yes indeed, it has been a lovely day.

How does this connect in any way to writing you ask? Good question. Well, sometimes I feel as if our characters can't catch a break. Take my main character Sarah for instance - she's shipped off to marry a man ten years older than herself, then the ship is attacked by pirates, her parents are killed, and she has to spend the next two years among men who plan to kill her when she turns 16. Not the happiest way to spend a childhood.

I've also noticed this in books like The Maze Runner by James Dashner, and any of the four books by Christopher Paolini. The characters fall from one terrible plight into the next. Why do we, as authors, do this to our protagonists? You'd think we'd like them, having spent so much time with them. Why do we insist on throwing these people into life or death situations where their poor nerves are continuously tried.

Personally I think I'll be sending Sarah on a vacation after her story is all edited and completed. Perhaps I'll write a short story about her lounging on a beach with servants bringing her heaps of chocolate and crab cakes. Sort of like my apology for putting her through so much. Poor kid.

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  1. Because lovely days, though lovely to experience, tend to lack much in the way of driving tension? ;)

    Rya definitely doesn't have very many lovely days in my series, either. I like to think things pick up for her after the third book. ;)

    It's nice we don't live in novels.