Monday, November 7, 2011

It's One of Those Happy Day Things

Well, folks, today I'm in a fine and dandy mood. Even though it's Monday, even though I have reading to do up the wazoo, even though it's cold and foggy outside, I am happy. Why is she happy, you ask? Good question. I spent the weekend with my parents, baking cookies and showering in consistently hot water and sleeping in a room with only my old stuffed animals for company. Then I went back my dorm loaded down with delicious food, received a care package from the store I worked at which means CHOCOLATE. Ahem. Anyways.

I also wrote two essays that I'm reasonably satisfied with and drained my creativity for two days. I finished editing my critique partner's book, and wrote over 13,000 words for Nano, bringing my current total (today's work excluded) up to 33k! I am very pleased. Goal for today: complete all of my reading for English class (eep) and reach 40k for Nano.

Since I foresee Nano as being short for me this year because I have had the sequel to GS swimming around in my head for close to a year, I plan on redoing it. That's right, my goal is to do 50k twice, either by completely finishing the draft of WC, or starting something new.

I'm really not as busy as I sound. I just like to have something to do, always.

Happy Monday, everyone!


  1. Heather, you are disgustingly productive. ;) The 13,000 words would be about the extent of my accomplishment, but you also wrote two essays, finished a critique, and socialized with your family. I need a little of whatever it is you're drinking. ;)

    Still, more power to you! I'd definitely aim for finishing the draft if I were in your shoes - you're already on such a roll! I'm aiming to finish my draft in six weeks... I don't think there'll be any days where I manage to get down 7,000 words, like you seem to do routinely. ;)

  2. You want to know the secret? I drink a lot of hot chocolate and apple cider. The sugar does wonders for my typing speed.

    I would drink more coffee, but that would mean I'd have to clean out the pot, and I am too lazy to do that :)

    Keep typing! Six weeks for a draft is pretty dang good, considering you have a complicated plot.