Friday, November 18, 2011

Back with More Pep

My last post was rather...brief. It's been a rough week in that I've had so little to do, it leaves me with no other option but to crave sleep. Of the 10 sessions of class I have a week, 3 of them were canceled. It was amazing and sort of sad. My one teacher has pneumonia and the other is suffering backlash from some odd virus in her lungs.

In writerly news, I'm working (slowly) on a new book called WATER DANCE AND FIRE CRACKLE. Rather long name, and I'll probably change it down the line, but for now this is it. I'm dabbling in the genre that I read the most, which in hindsight I probably should have started doing in the first place: young adult fantasy.

Right now I'm doing something I've only ever done once before, and outlining and world building as much as possible before I get too far in the story. This is my first time creating an entire world, and I want to do it right. Well, I guess that's a lie. I made up the world that Sarah and Jonathan live in, but they spent so much time on the ocean that the actual formation of land didn't matter. This time, it definitely will.

Do you outliner or a pantser? Why do you think that is?


  1. Hey Heather :) I found your blog through the NaNo hop. Total pantster here--never outline, probably never will. But then again, I write lit-fic and character-based stuff that don't require world-building. My hat's off to you for trying it, by the way--must be hard, but what a rush when you actually *build* something new! Congratulations!

  2. Nice blog....taking a look around.



  3. Yay, new story! That's a lot of fun. Love the name of it, and I don't think long is a problem except when you're trying to refer to it quickly on your blog or in conversation. ;) The trend in YA at the moment seems to be one-word titles, which I've never been crazy about, but there're a number of longer ones, too. Like DAUGHTER OF SMOKE AND BONE or LOLA AND THE BOY NEXT DOOR or MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN.

    For my first three books I totally pantsed them and loved it, but for NaNo this year I decided it would behoove me to plan it out in advance, so I did, in about as much detail as those synopses you read. I was worried it'd take away from my enjoyment and sense of discovery in writing the novel, but I've been surprised to find that it hasn't. There's still a lot of discovery in each scene, and a couple of days ago the story took a short detour that didn't deviate from the main outline but did bring in a few scenes that I hadn't planned for. So it's been good!

  4. @Guilie: I hope you enjoyed what you read and that NaNo is going well!
    @Elizabeth: thanks :) Hope you like what you find!
    @Seabrooke: It sounds as if you're enjoying yourself :) Is the story you're working on part of a series or a stand alone?

  5. Standalone. Of course, Magestone was supposed to be standalone, too, and that didn't happen. But I'm pretty sure this one will stay this way since I've actually got it outlined.

  6. Ooh YA Fantasy! Oooh world-building! Love it - good luck!!