Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well, I did it! I made it through midterms! And found out I got an A on a paper that counted for 15% of my grade. So it was a pretty nice start to the weekend.

Since I spent the majority of yesterday reading Mastiff by Tamora Pierce, I didn't do much editing of my book. But while I sat reading my mind drifted back to meeting the author. She said that she is not good at making things out of thin air, and as such normally takes from real life.

I must admit I do the same thing. When I find that something I've written into my book isn't historically accurate (generally about the construction of a ship) I automatically feel the need to change it.

And then there are the stories. One of my favorite ways to come up with story ideas is to go to a museum. You can walk around and see bit of history, and almost every piece conjures up an image - be it an Inuit at a seal-hole fishing, or an Asiatic shrine in honor of the ancestors. Always when I leave a museum I feel the need to write.

What about you? What inspires your stories?


  1. Funny where inspiration comes from, isn't it? I love museums, because you know that everything in there was once used by real human hands (or, in the case of animals, was once alive itself). I find it wonder-full to gaze at these objects and go back a hundred, two hundred, two thousand years and think of them in actual use; what was their stories? What happened to these objects? How many hands have touched them, where have they been?

    As a fantasy writer, I don't tend to draw my inspiration from real-world items as much, at least not for the main plot. But elements of the plot come from life. I grew up with horses, for instance, and although I wouldn't want to own one because they're a lot of work (my mom and sister have them so I'm regularly reminded of this), I do miss being around them. So I lived vicariously with them in my novel.

  2. Ah, museums! Yes, such great sources of inspiration - they really get the ole imaginations going!