Thursday, October 27, 2011

Division of Profits and Cold Walks in Fog

As promised, here is a post about my first publishing class. I'm sorry it's coming so late, but I had to write a midterm paper that proved harder than I expected. I flipped through around 30 pages of typed notes to find all the information I needed. Now I'm on a break before finishing studying for my exam tomorrow.

It was fantastic, first off. My instructor, who shall be known as WriterHelper (like Hamburger helper! I'm sort of hungry...) was great. Even though I am shy around new people, she put me at ease. Once all the students got there we talked about the different kinds of publishing - large press, small press, e-publishing, self-publishing. A lot of the information about large press publishing I already knew, but the stuff about self-publishing I did not. And I must say, I now respect self-publishing more as a business.

The most interesting part of the evening, and there were many fun parts, was when we talked about the division of profits on print books versus e-books. Obviously, I knew the division would be different since you don't have to worry about books being sent back if they don't sell, and plus you don't have to send people out to convince stores to put e-books in stock!

All in all it was a lovely evening surrounded by people who were interested in the sames thing I was. And I was pleased to realize I knew more about the business than I thought I did, and WriterHelper expected me to.

After class the sun had fully set, and I walked back to my dorm in the chilly swathe of the night with a pinch of fog blurring the lamp lights. It put me in mind of a setting for a romantic meeting between strangers. Or a thriller scene. One or the other. I was happy to warm up in my room.

I'll keep ya'll updated as I go through the course! Now I must get back to studying.

4 down, 1 to go, then it's the weekend! Yay!


  1. I did publishing school in Denver in 2007. It was fantastic, even though I wound up eventually going on a different career path.

    Glad you're enjoying it, too.

  2. That is a great start to the weekend just past! Just stopping by to say good luck with NANO and your classes this week...hats off!