Saturday, October 8, 2011

A Different Page

So, while I should have been working on WIND CHASER, I was instead evolving a new idea for a story that I got in history class. The class has a focus on slavery, and encompasses the scope of the exploitation in Brazil, Saint Domingue, and Virginia.

I feel a little guilty for not working on the edits from the advice I received from my critique partner. But I have a Shiny New Idea that must be put on paper before I get any further in polishing my current manuscript. All day in class I was tossing around ideas for a first line, for a main character name, for a central plot, etc. So, here is a little teaser from the 2k words I scribbled out so that I have the idea down before going back to GRIFFIN'S SONG, my WIP.

This, eventually, will be a YA Alternate History/Dystopian story.

"The sun shone brighter during the seventeenth year of my enslavement. For it was the year of my Saving. The year I could be freed, should I find a wealthy Patron."

Now that that's done, back I go to editing! Happy weekend, everyone!


  1. Don't feel guilty! I've still got the second half of my critique to send you, and that won't be till next week. Besides, I'm a firm believer in jotting down the Shiny New Ideas so they don't get lost. It helps to vent some of the creative pressure that builds from a Shiny New Idea, too; if you keep it inside figuring you'll wait till you're done with WIP (or whatever task that keeps you from pursuing it) it'll just sit at the back of your mind and continue to frustrate and distract you. ;)

    Great, intriguing first line, and an interesting time period to explore.

  2. LOL oh wow, you sound like me. Just a lot more coherent and sensible!

    I like the teaser (want MOAR!)

    Good luck on editing your WIP :)