Friday, October 21, 2011

Book Stores and Outlining

There is a Barnes and Noble about 15 minutes walk from my dorm, thankfully downhill (at least one way). And unfortunately, it will be closing this year. So my friend and I went down today to read the titles that we'll want to get once the good sales come. For years I've yearned for the day when I'd have enough money to get all the books I would want in one trip to a book store. The total would probably be in the thousands of dollars. So, I found some titles that I was interested in, and am interested in hearing some reviews before I shell out for them. Tell me what you think!

Divergent                  Stardust
Eyes Like Stars         Uglies
Lost Voices              Princess of the Midnight Ball
Daughters of Rome    Matched
Fire                          Daughter of Smoke and Bone

On another note, I spent a portion of yesterday outlining the sequel to GRIFFIN'S SONG, which I shall be writing for NaNoWriMo this year. It's amazing, the ideas that I had not thought of before to make the plot better. Avenues previously unexplored will hopefully make the story better. But first, I must finish the edits to my first novel and send off my query to Mandy Hubbard who, if you read my previous post on the subject, requested to see my query after I was a finalist in a blog competition.

Happy weekend! I know I'm excited to sleep in.


  1. I highly recommend Stardust and anything else by Neil Gaiman! You should also watch the movie. There are some differences, but Neil Gaiman, I believe, did some collaboration with the producer.
    Gaiman also cowrote a book by Terry Pratchett and I recommend anything by him, as well!

  2. Hee, I know that feeling! My list would be exorbitantly expensive, too.

    Divergent was quite good, and I know it's a very popular book at the moment. It was a top-3 favourite 2011 release for one of my crit partners. I took some issue with a couple of premises that the story is built in, but not so much that I couldn't enjoy it.

    Matched was also good, and I likewise know people who sit on both sides of the awesome-fence on it.

    Fire I think I already mentioned to you; definitely worth reading if you liked Graceling. And Neil Gaiman is Neil Gaiman - what more need be said? ;)

    I haven't read any of the others. If I only had enough money to buy half a dozen books, I don't think these would make the cut, but I did inhale all of the ones I mentioned in just a few sittings, and I'm eagerly looking forward to all of their upcoming sequels (with the exception of Stardust, which is standalone).

    Yay for NaNo! I'm thinking about jumping in with a new project. And I sure hope Mandy likes your ms as much as I did!

  3. I'm the crit-partner Seabrooke is talking about, and I'm a horrible one at that!

    I'm posting links to the books I've reviewed on here, since it would be a lot to type!

    Eyes like stars--great! especially if you like theatre:

    Divergent--OMW AWESOME:

    Mistress of Rome (by the same author as Daughters of Rome and I feel like the style will be very similar):


    Also, my spoiler-free preview of the sequel Crossed:

    Princess of the Midnight ball:

    Uglies, I've read but not reviewed, and it's great!

    All the others are on my list! So you have got a FABULOUS list there. Also, Crossed By Ally Condie, and Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi (My preview post goes up tomorrow) are coming out in a couple weeks. I've read the ARCs, and they're stellar. STELLAR.

    So I just link-bombed you comments! I'm so sorry! But you have a great list there. I really hope you enjoy them!


  4. Haha. Why, hello, Charlee! Fancy seeing you here. :) You're not horrible; just distracted. And who wouldn't be, with all those free books to read, gosh! I'm looking forward to reading your reviews.

    I'm glad you posted this list and Charlee supported it, Heather. I'm between books at the moment and can't decide what to pick up next, so this gives me some good leads.

  5. Divergent and Matched are supposed to be fantastic, though I haven't had a chance to read either yet. I honestly thought Stardust the movie was better than Stardust the book.