Monday, September 26, 2011

A New Day, A New Page

Now that I'm all settled in at the dorm, I'm ready to do some writing. As of yet each day has been filled with activities meant to keep us involved in campus life, get to know one another, and more importantly: not get trashed every night.

Since I don't drink, am shy to the point that I should be called a hermit, and know the campus pretty well, there has thankfully been some down time. Like now!

I've been thinking about the difference between my first novel and this burgeoning second novel. GRIFFIN'S SONG is written from three points of view: Sarah's fiance, Jonathan Harper, and, of course, Sarah. The sequel, WIND CHASER is written from even more points of view, ranging from the standard three above, to the pirate captain Tiras, to a lowly dock rat called Porter. I added different POVs so you can get a scope for what is happening throughout the world because of this one pirate ship. However, I don't want to do what, say, Greg Keyes does: have so many POVs that you don't have a main character.

Even though classes will be starting soon and I'll be up to my eyes in work, I want to continue writing the sequel. In this past year I've come to consider GRIFFIN'S SONG a home, a place where I can manipulate emotions and escape from whatever problems I have in real life. And WIND CHASER will be even better - perhaps a vacation home in Hawaii.

Do you prefer stories with a plethora of POVs, or do you prefer only one or two MC perspectives?

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