Monday, September 5, 2011

Home Again Home Again

Tired doesn't even begin to describe it. The last two days have been exhausting to say the least. I have the limp to show for it. Thanks to an old gymnastics injury my ankle still acts up after I use it a lot. Let's just say, had I not brought my brace with me, I would not have made it through Labor Day weekend.

In writing news, I've been working more on cutting my word count (slowly but surely) and refining my list of agencies to research. I'm down to 20 pages! And I'm attempting to reach out to the wide writer universe by joining the forums on Nathan Bransford's blog, as well as Absolute Write. Not to mention commenting on blogs I read.

Not bad for a summer spent out of touch with my usual world. But now that I'm back home before college I'm looking forward to spending some serious time with my book, as well as with my family and friends.

Look out, world, here I come!

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