Sunday, September 4, 2011

Exhaustion of Mind and Body

It is my last weekend of work. After Monday I will be returning home for several weeks before starting my fall quarter of college. And as it so happens, my last weekend of work is Labor Day weekend. And the weather is beautiful, and warm which is a rare combination here.

So naturally people are flocking to the coast. Which means we have been slammed since Friday. I am mentally and physically exhausted. And I haven't even completed my last two shifts! As a result of this flood of people, I have been too tired to put any real effort into my book. So I finished copying the P&E agent listings onto a word document and am now working on cutting out the "strongly not recommended" agencies. It's amazing what you can learn from that site. Apparently one of the agents who was later thrown in jail, pinned her mother against a picnic table with her car. Yikes! If that's what she does to family imagine what she'd do to publishers to whom she is pitching!

So that's my story for the past couple days. I cut a huge scene out of my book before the weekend set in, which brought my word count down to 109k. I say temporarily because I now need to replace the scene.

Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend, everyone! Retail gods willing, I will see you all in a couple days.

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