Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So I've had a couple days away from writing. Got to go to a fair and then spent the next day with a good friend. Since I've joined the forum community on Nathan Bransford's blog, I've been forced to look more closely at my query letter. And I've realized that, while it's not terrible, it's not great.

Which means I've spent a good chunk of time trying to improve it, even sending it to a non-writer friend who knows my story to see if she would be interested in reading it provided with just my plot summary.

But now I'm back to editing my novel so I can send it off to a critique partner this week before dorm shopping sweeps me up. Now, to those of you who have read past posts on this blog, you'll know that Griffin's Song is a multi-perspective novel. But the last couple days I've been debating whether or not this is wise. It is a young adult novel, which tend to be between 75k and 100k(max) words. And mine is currently 108k.

So I've been contemplating scrapping the second point of view, which brings my word count down to 73k, which is much more manageable. Of course, I wouldn't want to. I love Jonathan's perspective (naval captain tracking the pirate ship) and I think there's some good foreshadowing for the next book in the series. But if I can't get the word count down...it may be my only option.

Opinions? What drastic measures have you gone to to bring down your word count?

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  1. I'm obviously not really qualified to be offering advice as though I know what I'm talking about... ;) but I'd suggest just writing your book as it needs to be written and not worrying about the word count for now. I'm not put off by over-100k counts for debuts, since I think a strong book can carry a longer word count just fine. City of Bones is 131k, for instance; Twilight is 119k; Graceling 115k; and Divergent 105k. None of those books felt like they were over 100k, they were such good, fast reads. Make your story as good as you can and then send it to your critique partner or beta reader - they'll be able to tell you whether it feels like a 100k novel or not (ie, whether you need to trim stuff or it's fine as it is).