Saturday, August 27, 2011

Wonderful Surprises

Last night I was in the company of my two best friends who came to visit me. We talked and giggled and received birthday gifts and ate and watched a movie. We concluded the evening at midnight by falling asleep. The next morning we repeated the eating and laughing over breakfast before I received a wonderful surprise.

Three other friends showed up in this little coastal town. I felt like crying with happiness. First of all, let me say that I adore my job. It is fun and exhausting. But seeing those friends here, well it made me understand the phrase "my heart swelled with happiness."

I got to go around town with my 5 friends and play on the beach like a little child. I am going to miss these girls so much. Three of them are leaving the state within the month for college, you see. And this was the last time I would see them for several months.

I tell you all this so that there is a written record of this most wonderful of days. I love my friends, I love my work, I love writing. To be able to combine all three is perhaps the greatest part of life.

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