Sunday, August 21, 2011

Up and Running

First off, my apologies for the delay in posting. I've been compiling and ressearching a list of literary agencies to query once my current round of editing is over.

On that note, I have actually sent off a query to one agency, but am still waiting to hear back. I hear this is the hardest part about getting published - the waiting. As a teenage writer I doubt half of my queries will even garner responses.

But that's okay - I'll just keep plodding on, writing and editing until I have such a good ms that no one selling YA will want to turn me down.

In other news, there was a power outage at work yesterday that lasted for about an hour. So I got a refresher course in counting change without the help of a cash register, and I had to write down each purchase so we would have a record of what was sold.

Books, books, reading, reading, work, work. That's my life!

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