Thursday, August 4, 2011


Well I never thought summer would be more exhausting than 9 months of school. Excepting the one summer where I bounced from horse camp to horse camp, to a day camp where I was outside exercising every day in 90 degree heat, to Europe, I have never been this busy over the summer.

I just got back from seeing Les Mis, and absolutely loved it. My family and I took the long road back to the house where I'm staying this summer, and stopped several times to look out over the vast ocean. If you have read some of my other posts, you will know that the ocean is a prominent point of Deceptor. The love of the sea that is so integral to the main character is something I created from my own experience.

My family has a history of going to sea, usually as part of the military. Now, I am not to be one of those sturdy men, but I was given the bug when I was very little. To me the sea is a contradictory thing. It can create a lulling noise that drifts you off to sleep, but the sound of the waves has been the death knell for many people. It is always there, but never constant. Each crashing sheet of water is different, although we can predict its power.

But I digress. If you wanted to hear about the ocean you'd read Moby Dick. As I was saying before, my summer has been exceptionally busy. But I have been slowly editing my book for what seems like the hundredth time. I have changed a key element of the plot, which requires careful inspection of the novel to make sure the change remains constant. And I am cutting the length of the book. 4000 words gone so far, as well as a large portion of the evil "that"s.

Progress is slow since I work 5 days a week and am usually exhausted the other two. I am also in contact with a writer at my college and we are exchanging pages to edit, which I love to do.

I swear I'm almost done. My last comment is actually a question. Since I would like to apply for an internship at a publishing house during the summer of one of my college years, where should I look? New York is where most of the publishing houses are, but do they take on college kids for just a few months? I'm out of my depth here.

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