Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Going Over to the Dark Side

I did it. I got a Kindle. Sigh. I didn't get it because I wanted one, but because if I wanted to read new books in college without them taking over my dorm room, I needed one. It hasn't been so bad. I've gotten over 62 books for free so I'll be taking a crack at some classics this year. And I've also purchased Before the Storm by Marian Perera, which is a light read but enjoyable.

Sill count me among the proponents of paperbacks though. I love the smell of a fresh or old book, love the feel of the pages on my hands, love the look of a book that is crinkled with age. All you get from a Kindle on that score is a bookmark telling you your page number.

Ah well, at least I'll be able to do some pleasure reading in college.

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