Monday, August 29, 2011

A Day in the Life of A Writer NOT On Their Day Off

8:30am-9am: Wake up, groggy from reading too late. Fire up laptop to look at the latest blog news.
9am-10am: Get up, reluctantly and eat breakfast while reading, then shower. You can get in some extra reading if you hold the book/kindle while frying drying your hair. This no longer works on me since I have a pixie cut and don't have a use for a blow-dryer.
10am- 11am: Edit novel or send off another query. Nail biting or head banging against keyboard are suitable actions during this hour
11am-11:15am: scramble to put a lunch together, then leave the house for work
11:30am-2:30pm: Compile character profiles and think up snappy dialogue for protagonist. Work.
2:30pm-3pm: lunch aka "time to fire up laptop and edit a little bit more or look at blog updates and research a few literary agencies"
3pm-6pm: try out a few facial expressions that you think your protagonist should use in response to certain comments from antagonist/other protagonist. Work.
6pm-6:30pm: Get home, trying not to mewl as your sore feet trudge up the front walk.
6:30pm-8pm: Read or edit or goof off depending on soreness of afore-mentioned feet.
8pm-8:30pm: eat dinner. Try your darndest not to fall asleep in your plate of chicken and peas.
8:30pm-12am: lie down, rest feet, research more literary agencies/edit while watching mindless TV and chatting with friends. Get a good night's sleep.

Repeat as needed. Happy Sunday everyone!

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