Monday, July 4, 2011

The Monster In the Manuscript

Oh yes, you know what I'm talking about. The word which makes writers cringe, and which many claim should be eradicated from the English language. The word which is at once the epitome of monotony and as bland as beige. You know it - you dread it while reading, and seeing it too many times causes the same reaction in you as scraping fingers down a chalk board - or in my case, crinkling Styrofoam.


Did you see it coming? I hope so. Now, as I am in the process of researching and timidly querying agents, as well as ensconced at my Uncle's house for work over the summer, I have begun (once again) to tinker with my manuscript.

After reading a short post on Miss Snark's dead blog about the horrors of the word "that", I decided it was time to see how many of those ugly green monsters resided in my own novel. Horrifically I had forgotten about the tabboo and blandness of "that". There were 1,451 uses of the evil word. I'm hoping some of them are part of other words like... thatch or thataway or photosynthate.

As you can guess, the chances of my using the term photosynthate in a pirate novel are pretty darn slim.

Time to cull the evil from my novel. I shall be back after the battle!

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