Saturday, July 9, 2011

How Long Was That??

Since I wrote my book for my senior project, I was required to get a certain amount of work done. 60 hours minimum to be precise. By the time my project was done, I had close to 300 hours, and 3 drafts of my book. Now, I added a second point of view (Jonathan's) which understandably increased the word count.

So now my book is at 118,000 words. In a word - YIKES! Not only am I a teenage writer, but I'm also a first time writer. What agent is going to want to take on a writer with a book that long? And what buyer is going to want to read a book by a first time writer that is that long?

So I've begun editing once again. First I plan on going through and cutting excess verbiage in the form of metaphors and all the literary phrases that sounded so good when I wrote them that are not actually that great. And then, depending on how many words I can cut, I shall go in and start cutting scenes.

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