Friday, July 29, 2011

Following the News

The past few days while I've been sitting on that email problem, I have been finding more blogs to read, more news on publishing to examine. One of my favorite blogs is Nathan Bransford's, because every Friday he does a "This Week in Books" that has links to interesting blog posts, publishing news etc etc. But one thing that caught my eye this week was a comment on his forum about losing your muse.

For those writer's out there (you are out there, I know you are, probably typing frantically in a dark room while in the back of your mind you know you should be out enjoying the sun which has blessed the great NW) you know what I'm talking about. That point in your writing where you sit down to type and....nothing happens.

Ahhh writer's block. We must keep at it though, because otherwise we will never finish our lovely little projects.

In other news, I am quite depressed by the fate of Borders, which is talking liquidation. I have spent many happy hours in their stores poring over books, sometimes finding a gem and others wondering how the heck the author thought this would be a good synopsis for the back cover.

So, for those of you who are bookly inclined, these are some of the sites I read:

Nathan Bransford's Blog
Young Adult Books Central (my genre)
Writer's Beware
Publisher's Weekly

Of course there are more, but I haven't bookmarked them yet :) Enjoy your weekend everybody!

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