Friday, June 10, 2011

What a Character

A few days ago I introduced you to the story of Sarah Whitman and Jonathan Harper, characters in my recently finished draft on a book titled Deceptor. And then yesterday I ranted about my most recent story entitled Ujil, and the story of Lea Frederickson. Well this blog has made me think about characters, and how to make them interesting.

Something a little wackadoodle about me and my family is that we do not own a TV that has channels. It snows on every single one of them. Instead we buy movies or television series that we think will be interesting. My favorites include Friends, Frasier, Mad About You, Firefly, and more recently Gilmore Girls.

Senior finals are upon me, and of course I have no desire to study, although I did put in a few good hours last night for Spanish 4 and Calculus. So of course I put on Gilmore Girls in the background. And there is this one character, Emily Gilmore, who I admire and hate at the same time. Well more accurately, I admire the writer who did her dialogue. She is this rich old control freak who can't keep a maid in the house for more than a week, has issues with her daughter and grandaughter, and always always always thinks she is right.

What a character. You know that feeling when you read a good book or watch television, where something that happens makes you so angry you have to walk away? That is how good this character is. She infuriates you to the point that you want to wring her neck and the gold necklace that's around it. Man I wish I could write like that. How might it feel to create a character so believable with such good dialogue that it incites a physical reaction from the reader? Pretty damn good, I should imagine.

But enough of this, I have a physics final to study for and more Gilmore Girls to watch. Happy Friday everybody!

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