Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Story Time!

I've been blogging for about a month now, and it occurred to me the other day that I have yet to tell the story of my book. This story is one that my father used to tell me when he drove me to preschool, and I have since made it into a 412 page book for my senior project. So, here it goes.

Sarah Whitman is a fourteen year old girl with a love of adventure in a time when girls are supposed to sit pretty and let men do all the big thinking. Her greatest wish is to be the captain of her own ship, and is determined to make it happen. She is a bookish sort, a love which she shares with her father who understands her wanderlust. Her relationship with her mother is strained because Sarah pushes the boundaries of society's expectations of young women.

Everything in Sarah's life changes when her father is offered a job on another continent. Soon she will be traveling on the ocean, trying to learn everything possible about navigating. Her mother is worried about pirate attacks, but Mr. Whitman assures her that the captain of the ship they are sailing on has charted their course around possible places where they could encounter trouble.

At the same time, Jonathan Harper is attempting to attain a ship from the Royal Navy to go on a quest of his own. After several years at a school in another country, and then several more years spent as an enlisted man in the Navy, he is using his connections to his advantage. But things in the Navy aren't good. Since the country is at peace, the government doesn't have much need for these men. Along the way he learns how to become his own person, without the influence of others which has loomed over him since he was a child, and finds a purpose in life that he lacked before.

That is a very condensed version of my story, but I didn't want to give too much away. I'll be posting updates later on. Hope you enjoyed it!

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