Thursday, June 9, 2011

Story Time Part II

As it is stated in my profile, I have a full manuscript written, and another in the works. The concept of this new novel came to me in a flash after looking into a steamy shower window in a hotel in Oregon. I looked at myself, and the image was blurred so that my eyes looked completely off of their normal blue-green shade. And so a story was born.

Lea Frederickson is a high school senior in the last month of classes (much like me!). She has a few good friends, hates history (unlike me), loves to sing, and has an aptitude for learning languages. We are several hundred years into the future ( I haven't set on a specific year yet) after intelligent life has been discovered on another planet. The aliens from the planet, Ujil, brought a disease to earth in their travels that couldn't be handled by the humans' inferior immune systems. Millions died.

Now at this point in time, the governments of the world had disbanded, to form the Unity Council, which consists of about 60 of these former leaders. To combat this disease, the Council funded the development of a serum that prevented humans from contracting the disease. After everything was under control, the Council mandated that every child, once they turn 17, must receive this shot so that no more epidemics break out.

Lea gets her shot like the rest of the population, but something goes wrong. There is normally a period of two or three days when the serum leaves your body weak. But when Lea wakes up in the morning, she discovers that something else has happened - she no longer has pupils. Instead of their usual gray, her eyes are completely silver.

And the doctors say the effects are permanent. Even her own parents are disconserted by this development, and Lea must face the persecution at school where to step outside the norms means becoming a social outcast.

I have about 25 pages of this story written. So, what do you think?

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