Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Stepping Stone

Well, I did it! Graduated. Not with honors unfortunately, I was one paper off. But I did graduate, and got to do that quintessential moving-the-tassel-from-right-to-left rite. The long slew of speeches and formal walking and standing was over. Our class had been told specifically not to throw our caps in the air because it was a health hazard. Of course, still being teenagers at heart, we threw them anyways.

I said goodbye to some really great people yesterday, and there are many more I didn't have the guts to say goodbye to. I guess all I can hope for is that they know how much I care for them. Now I am passing into unfamiliar territory.

In the fall I am heading off to college to study history and English. And this summer will be spent researching literary agents, publishing houses, as well as writing query letters. Before now I knew where I was going every step of the way. Write book - check. Get good grades - check. Get into college - check. Don't fall up stairs at graduation ceremony - check. Graduate - check.

Now what? It all seems so open and vague. My writing will fuel me of course, and I will be happy.
I just wish it wasn't so hard to say goodbye to people.

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