Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Death of Poetic Appreciation

I have spent the last 5 mind-numbing hours analyzing poetry for my AP English class. Now I am the first to say that I am not a fan of poetry, for I believe the reader should not have to a) spend more time delving for subtext than it would take to get a major in biochemistry or b) be hit over the head with the author's ideology.

I have read some poetry (Shel Silverstein most notably because it's just plain funny), but have never been inclined to search out new poets. And I am pleased to say that this project for class has only underlined and boldfaced my opinion about poetry. A single-spaced page of analysis for 10 poems seems a bit extreme when there is literally a week left before we seniors graduate (can't come quickly enough).

However, I have found one poem that perfectly coincides with my view on poetry, and I couldn't help but share it with that handful of people who sparingly glance at my blog, so bear with me.

The Three Goals
By: David Budbill

The first goal is to see the thing itself
in and for itself, to see it simply and clearly
for what it is.
            No symbolism, please.

The second goal is to see each individual thing
as unified, as one, with all the other
ten thousand things.
            In this regard, a little wine helps a lot.

The third goal is to grasp the first and the second goals,
to see the universal and the particular,
            Regarding this one, call me when you get it. 

See? Now wasn't that worth reading? That is pure poetry write there. Art in word form. Magnificent. Thank you, David Budbill, for putting it so well.

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