Monday, May 30, 2011

Rainy Day Blues

That sun that sparkled over the Northwest for a few sweet days is gone, leaving behind it dripping clouds and trees so green they appear saturated with color. As a true Washingtonian, I have learned to live with the rain. And more recently it has come to reflect my mood towards writing.

Writer's block. What a horrible horrible term. If only it were only a minor irritation. But no, it has infected my life and left it festering. When I am bored I enjoy narrating the scene I am in, because it keeps my writing skills limber and forces me to create on the go. Lately this is what it sounds like:

Heather sat wearily at the computer, gazing in distaste at the words she had just typed. They didn't pack the punch that she usually tried to achieve. Other distractions kept getting in the way, such as minesweeper and chatting with friends. When the writing flowed smoothly she could ignore the lure of these traps, and focus solely on the story that was like a river through her mind.

Heather rubbed a hand down her face and barely suppressed a growl of frustration. Irritated at the world in general, she highlighted the scant paragraphs she had written, and clicked delete. Maybe in an hour or so the story would return. With that in mind, she flipped off the power to the monitor and strode away from the computer, trying to pinpoint why the story wouldn't come.

She already knew that when she returned later , she would repeat this process.

Ahhh writer's block, how I loathe you.

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