Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Friend of A Friend

One thing I, as a writer, enjoy more than anything else is finding someone else who loves to write. Well, I have found a contact that attends the college I am going to next year! Yay!! We're planning on trading excerpts of our stories and tossing back advice back and forth every week over the summer.

On that note, I have an observation about the writing world. Lately I have been trying to worm my way into the publishing world (and let me tell you, it's scary business). And the thing that keeps popping up is the necessity of connections, contacts, referrals, the little friend-of-a-friend-of-a-second-cousin-once-removed-from-my-wife's-grandmother people who get you places. For instance, if my friend hadn't known someone who had previously written a book for a senior project, I would never have found a mentor, and then my own book wouldn't be very good. And if I hadn't started going to a critique group then I wouldn't have met the person I'm now going to correspond with through the woman who runs the group.

In conclusion, get out there and make those obscure connections. I know I've greatly benefited from it.

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